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Tourism is either traveling for pleasure or for the sake of experiencing new adventures. Spiti valley is certainly not the destination for those seeking pleasure at leisure. In addition it is an ideal spot for those tourists willing to drift from the expected tourist trails. It is quite remote with the closest trace of civilization a day’s walk from the valley. However, Spiti tour Packages will prove to be a sensation for tourists seeking adventure in galore.
Hikers seek the most challenging environment for their extreme expeditions. Most of them are of the opinion that the hardest of challenges offer the highest satiety.
Spiti Valley is completely cut off from the rest of India. Hence, it offers the ideal habitat for the fierce snow Leopard and the wolves of the Himalayas.Therefore, Spiti valley offers the best destination for tourists with a massive appetite for hiking. It experiences the harshest of weather especially during the winter periods.

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Spiti in the Heart of Himalaya, explore it with our Spiti holiday Packages:
Spiti Valley is tucked away at the heart of the bare Himalayas ridges. Hence this make its terrain too ragged for road or rail transport. Bikers always prefer bizarre topography for their biking trails. Consequently, the Spiti packages would certainly attract more bikers.
Mountain climbers have identified with the Spiti Valley. It is about 12,500 feet above sea level making it ideal for the adventure sports. The locals have developed a mountain climbing challenge that occurs yearly during the winter, adding to the array of Spiti packages.

Spiti Packages

Explore the unexplored Spiti valley, we are offering Spiti packages, so that you can enjoy valley :

During winter the Spiti Valley is a harsh affair. Mountain climbers from all over the world usually take advantage of the event to test their skills. The usually barren land get transforms to white during the winter.

The people living around Spiti Valley are the kindest. They are always ready to share their rich culture with any visitor that is willing and has the time. Their cuisine is simple and yet fascinating. You can be treated to a delicious rain-dear meat prepared at a barbeque once a week.

Every other night the locals perform different dancing rituals within various gatherings. This explain their tradition to a whole new level.
“Spiti packages” include a rich history in offing. The valley has monasteries that are over 1000 years old. You will be presented to the Ki Monastery and the Tabo Monastery that have towering and unique features. The Tabo Monastery has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tourists could set up camping sites near Chandratal Lake. This get the chance to discover the heavens from the observatory located near the Lake.
Travellers also have the option of touring the landscape with the Innova Jeep to discover the unique Spiti Valley. Package tours to Spiti also take you through the spectacular villages. That look like mirage from afar to meet the warmest locals of the Spiti Village.

So we can conclude, Spiti Valley is one of the most sophisticated tourist destinations in the whole of India. It attracts tourists that that seek adventure and are willing to encounter the harshest of conditions. Those who seek very challenging adventures. Spiti holiday Packages offers the best option for these risk lovers in the whole of India and Asia.

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